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Top 5 Ab Workouts for a Strong Core

The abdominal core is a group of muscles that work together to help you breathe, move, run, and play. Our abs protect our organs as well as support our spine, and provide strength and stability in all of our movements. Think about it next time you pick something up off the floor or reach for…

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VersaClimber Benefits for Your Fitness Training Program

By Mark Elmasry Mark and his sidekick, Mugsy The VersaClimber is a great tool to use in a plethora of exercise programs, and there are many VersaClimber Benefits. Most high level athletic trainingfacilities are equipped with them, Innovative Results fitness gym has it for all of their athletes. All fitness gyms and athlete training facilities should incorporate them in their…

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How to Determine the Right Kettlebell

Article By Kettlebell Kings Kettlebells are one of the most versatile exercise tools that a person can employ. They take minimal space but deliver maximum benefit to your workouts. One of the hardest choices a new-comer to the kettlebell culture encounters is what style of kettlebell they should buy for themselves and start training with. There…

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IR Transformation Stories – Emily Cannon

When did you start coming to Innovative Results? In 2016 when I got my license. Why did you start training at IR? My dad has been going for many years and he explained the workouts and I thought it looked fun. So I came. What would you say has changed in your life from your…

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