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IR Transformation Story – Simon Pearce

When did you start training at Innovative Results? I started training at IR in mid Feb 2017. Why did you start training with Innovative Results? My job means I travel every week and don’t exercise or eat well, this was a life decision to change both my diet and exercise regime to fix this issue.…

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Why We Work Interval Training Into Our Classes

Interval training is a ‘work and rest’ fitness routine that focuses on short bursts of high intense activity followed by periods of rest and recovery. The goal is to go as hard as you can during your periods of ‘work’ and completely rest during your periods of ‘recovery’.   Everyone’s body and level of intensity…

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Movement is Medicine

WHAT IS MOVEMENT We have been living in a civilized society for thousands of years, and only up until recently have we seen a decline in of our populations physical abilities. There are few who have excelled at getting their body to its maximum ability and potential, but for the vast majority of the civilized world…

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Winston Experienced Results in Just 1 Week with Innovative Results

Innovative Results is stoked on this next client highlight! Why? Because this is a success story that is relatable for the majority of the folks that step foot on to Orange County’s Fitness Playground for the first time. A huge thank you to Winston Yu for taking the time to share his experience and fitness results! My brother…

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4 Workouts That Will Keep You Going All Year

Article By: Paige Johnson, In exercise, a lot of people tend to develop the habit of sticking to what works for them. However as with anything, all things change —including your body and what it needs to thrive. If you allow your muscles to become accustomed to your workout routine with little to no variety, you will…

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IR Transformation Stories – Ken St. Cyr

How did you hear about Innovative Results? I was referred to Innovative Results by my Sports Med doctor who told me he had heard very good things about the work being done there. I needed a workout regime that supported my pole vault agility and strength development and he thought you guys could do that.…

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