Fein Movement Workshop

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  • December 7, 2019
  • Saturday, 10AM to 3PM

Jeremy Fein is an FRC Mobility and Assessment Specialist, with a specific love for building strong and healthy spines. Join us on December 7, 2019 for a 3 part workshop where you’ll learn how to help keep your clients’ spines feeling healthy, the importance and keys to effective goal-setting, and some best practices for communicating with your clients!

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ReFein Your Spine (10-11:15a)
Cover the fundamental joint actions of the spine, assess you as an individual, and go over movements that will address your specific needs.

Goal Setting That Works (11:30-12.45)
Set goals that will actually help you get closer to where you want to be.

Striving Coaches (1-3pm)
Hands-on coaching drills to improve your ability in the most important area of coaching: communication. Create a business plan, and learn how to organize your time and energy to make it a reality.

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