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Harrel Carman

Harrel’s favorite aspect of personal training is “how I get to interact with other people. Helping them learn more about themselves and the strength they have inside them.”

Harrel has long been passionate about physical fitness. He has competed in Baseball, Football, Basketball, Tennis, and Track & Field. You can still find him playing basketball most Saturday mornings and he has been competing in Flag Football tournaments with the same team for over 15 years. Harrel also regularly competes in Kettlebell Sport events and has won multiple awards lifting the 32kg kettlebell in the Men’s 85kg bodyweight division. Such an admirable commitment to physical health is actually grounded in a promise to others. Since Harrel was young, maybe around 5 or 6 years old, he decided to begin working for his ‘future family.’ Harrel’s dedication to his own health and fitness is a dedication to the family he has now, as well as the family he hopes to have (no kids yet).

His active lifestyle is further complemented by a background in personal training, one that Carman has continued to expand over the last ten years. He has completed certifications in NASM, Functional Range Conditioning, Onnit Battle Ropes and Steel Clubs, Orange Kettlebell Club, SCUBA, and CPR.


Joseph Yoscovits

Joseph Yoscovits has been active in multiple sports growing up, starting with baseball, football, and hockey.

Joseph loves being active no matter what the activity is, but mostly spending time outdoors is when he really thrives.

When he's not at the gym coaching and helping to change lives, you'll find him hiking, running on the beach or paddle boarding.

Joining the United States Marine Corps after high school was the time Joseph really started to get into fitness, and thought about possibly making it a career and life choice. After his time in the Marines and obtaining the rank of E-5 Sergeant, Joseph took his skills and dedication on his pursuit of the fitness industry.

Pursuing his passion in fitness, Joseph completed Orange Coast College's Certified Fitness Specialist Program right here in Costa Mesa.

For Joseph, the best part of coaching is being around lively clientele who love to work hard, and helping to make their fitness journey fun and exciting no matter what.

Fitness specialist---Orange Coast College
Functional Range Conditioning (FRC)
Battle Ropes Ceritified via ONNIT Academy
Viking Ninja Lvl 1 Certified
Joaquin Hernandez

Joaquin Hernandez

Joaquin’s love for fitness started at an early age playing baseball, running cross country, and track. He became fascinated with human movement and the power to transform body and mind. Joaquin holds a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology from Cal State University Fullerton and a certification in massage therapy and personal training from Fullerton College. He is committed to continued lifelong learning and growth.

His favorite part of coaching is supporting clients achieve their goal and helping people discover talents they never thought were possible.

Joaquin discovered a passion for distance running over the past few years and has completed a variety of different marathons including Chicago, Catalina Island and Hawaii. When he is not hitting the open road or trails for a distance run, he is challenging himself with obstacle course races, reading, traveling, hiking, yoga, and even some cooking.

B.S. Kinesiology
A.A. Physical Education

Functional Range Conditioning (FRC)

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Cristian Castro

As a multi-sport athlete (soccer, football, wrestling, track & field), Cristian has had a long passionate history with movement. Six years ago (2012), that passion led him to calisthenics, where he found a "home" as a national Calisthenics athlete and coach. His overall goal with coaching is to help others achieve their personal movement capacity. From being able to run outside and enjoy nature, to being inverted in handstands.
Cristian is a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
As well Certified calisthenics trainer with World Calisthenics Organization (WCO).


Cristian enjoys reading, body weight training methods, and diligently working to increase his overall skill level and strength though weighted calisthenics.

Donovan Stewart

Donovan has been active since he was a child. Being “forced” to walk early since he was a bigger baby, he propelled himself into running. After a life changing eye injury, Donovan joined a track & field team since that was the only sport he can play. Excelling and winning multiple championships on several teams, Donovan's passion of supporting others reach their goals became more apparent.

After graduating with a bachelor's in nutrition & exercise science, Donovan became a high school track & field coach, a personal trainer and assisted in the creation of a run group in New York. After creating a successful career in the east, his talents were drawn to the west.

Moving to LA, Donovan assisted, trained, and had a significant role in opening one of the top luxury gyms in the country. Being awarded with the top instructor of the west coast, Donovan was always on the quest to receive more. Donovan has competed in multiple mile, 5k, 10k, marathons, obstacle course, and 24 hour races. His vision to impact the world through running has led him down to Orange County to share his gifts.

Favorite hobbies: rolling around on the floor, reading about coffee & donuts, playing video games and running

Favorite food: pizza from NYC!, Donuts, ice cream, caesar salads

Dislikes: people not realizing their fullest potential

Awards & Certifications include Equinox Trainer of the Quarter (West Coast), Certfied Personal Training NFPT), AED/CPR, Animal Flow Level II Instructor, Kettlebell Athletics Coach, Functional Range Conditioning (FRC), Mobility Specialist, Pre/Post Natal Coach, Barefoot Specialist.

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