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Harrel Carman

Harrel’s favorite aspect of personal training is “how I get to interact with other people. Helping them learn more about themselves and the strength they have inside them.”

Harrel has long been passionate about physical fitness. He has competed in Baseball, Football, Basketball, Tennis, and Track & Field. You can still find him playing basketball most Saturday mornings and he has been competing in Flag Football tournaments with the same team for over 15 years. Harrel also regularly competes in Kettlebell Sport events and has won multiple awards lifting the 32kg kettlebell in the Men’s 85kg bodyweight division. Such an admirable commitment to physical health is actually grounded in a promise to others. Since Harrel was young, maybe around 5 or 6 years old, he decided to begin working for his ‘future family.’ Harrel’s dedication to his own health and fitness is a dedication to the family he has now, as well as the family he hopes to have (no kids yet).

His active lifestyle is further complemented by a background in personal training, one that Carman has continued to expand over the last ten years. He has completed certifications in NASM, Functional Range Conditioning, Onnit Battle Ropes and Steel Clubs, Orange Kettlebell Club, SCUBA, and CPR.

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Joshua Tarnofsky

CPT, RKC Kettlebells, Yoga Alliance Instructor

Joshua loves teaching busy professionals how to move from stressful, unhealthy lifestyles to endless energy, and amazing health.  He believes everyone deserves to live a happy, healthy, pain free lifestyle that allows them to be more, do more and create more for themselves, their families and the world.

Having been a successful restaurateur for the first decade of his professional life, Joshua experienced the effects of long hours and constant stress.   As his success grew he paid increasingly less attention to his body causing him to balloon up to 40lbs overweight, battle chronic fatigue, and develop major back and knee pain.  Joshua found himself even struggling to enjoy his days off and be present with friends and family due to the aches, exhaustion and extra weight he was dealing with. Having played collegiate soccer Joshua longed for his body to have the strength and stamina he had prior to his career as a restaurateur.  

One day he woke up with pain so intense he couldn’t get out of bed.  At that moment he knew he had to change. Joshua made a commitment to reclaim his health and create a pain free lifestyle allowing him to feel and perform his best regardless of the stresses in his working environment.  

His journey led him to discover modalities and practices that reversed his bodily pains, dropped the extra weight and gave him endless energy.  Enjoying the transformation process so much he decided to become a trainer to mentor other busy professionals to make similar transformations. Joshua now coaches top CEOs, influencers and high performers around the world to live healthy, pain-free lifestyles and have all the energy they desire!   

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Joaquin Hernandez

Joaquin Hernandez

Joaquin’s love for fitness started at an early age playing baseball, running cross country, and track. He became fascinated with human movement and the power to transform body and mind. Joaquin holds a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology from Cal State University Fullerton and a certification in massage therapy and personal training from Fullerton College. He is committed to continued lifelong learning and growth.

His favorite part of coaching is supporting clients achieve their goal and helping people discover talents they never thought were possible.

Joaquin discovered a passion for distance running over the past few years and has completed a variety of different marathons including Chicago, Catalina Island and Hawaii. When he is not hitting the open road or trails for a distance run, he is challenging himself with obstacle course races, reading, traveling, hiking, yoga, and even some cooking.

B.S. Kinesiology
A.A. Physical Education

Functional Range Conditioning (FRC)

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Cristian Castro

As a multi-sport athlete (soccer, football, wrestling, track & field), Cristian has had a long passionate history with movement. Six years ago (2012), that passion led him to calisthenics, where he found a "home" as a national Calisthenics athlete and coach. His overall goal with coaching is to help others achieve their personal movement capacity. From being able to run outside and enjoy nature, to being inverted in handstands.
Cristian is a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
As well as Certified calisthenics trainer with World Calisthenics Organization (WCO).


Cristian enjoys reading, bodyweight training methods, and diligently working to increase his overall skill level and strength though weighted calisthenics.

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Vic Czenczek

Vic has always been drawn to sports in her life. She played soccer, lacrosse, and basketball throughout her life and has also taken up long-distance running in her adult life. After graduating from college in Virginia, Vic packed her car and drove to San Francisco to start a training job in the city. After spending a year in the city, she decided the beach life was more her style. She has since been living in Huntington Beach and continued both personal training and coaching group classes.

After deciding to go back to school to get her teaching credential in K-12 Physical Education at Cal State Long Beach, Vic had to find a gym that would work with her class hours and Innovative Results has given her that! She plans to eventually work with children and help them see the fun side of being active, helping them to find their passion that will keep them healthy for their lifetime.

How can I help you?:

“I like to make you aware of how you are moving and add correctives to your program to make that movement more efficient. I appreciate the body as a whole and want to help you understand how it works in unison throughout your daily life. I have an eager and driven training style that will push you to be the best you can be.”

Hometown: Richmond, Virginia

Credentials: BS in Exercise Physiology (Lynchburg College ‘17)

American College of Sports Medicine Certified Exercise Physiologist

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