Dedicate Time to Heal To Speed Recovery – Three Techniques

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As a fitness coach at the best gym in Orange County, we have clients that need to dedicate time to heal, so they can experience relief, improve body adaptations, and speed recovery.

Without proper recovery, the body will generate a buildup of stress.

This can create pain, joint restriction, muscle tension, tightness, discomfort, and fatigue.

These experiences will hinder your progress.

When your body doesn’t heal, you can alter your muscular-skeletal structure and notice mechanical inefficiency.

The great news is, there are actions of remedies!

If you need three ways to dedicate time to heal and recover, check out these three ways we can heal our bodies: Soft Tissue Manipulation, Temperature, and Activation.

Soft Tissue Manipulation
There is a continuous and seamless web of tissue under your skin.

It surrounds and connects the muscles, organs, bones, and is present from the top of your head to the bottoms of your feet.

It is called county personal trainer teaching recovery, self myofascial release, and stretching

Fascia can become restricted through injury, stress, overtraining, and poor posture.

The increase in tension can bring muscle spasms, pain, and a lack of range of motion!

A very effective method of recovery for this is soft tissue manipulation.

Using tools such as foam rollers, tennis balls, and lacrosse balls for manual massage can allow the fascia that is stuck to other fascia to let go.

Soft tissue manipulation will allow for better circulation and better functioning of the muscles.

When the muscle tissue is pulled on in different directions, the tissue will become more supple and will work better.

Implementing myofascial release in your routine is a positive action towards restoring tissue health in your body, so you can move better and feel better.

The concept is simple, and the benefits are great!

Regulating certain temperatures on the body can help with the rehabilitation and recovery of the muscle tissues.

Try taking contrast showers, switching from hot to cold water.


The hot water gets the blood flowing and then the cold water will send the blood to protect the internal organs from the cold.

Basically, contrast showers will improve the circulation of blood and allow for a quicker recovery.

They improve lymphatic circulation and blood circulation to detox the body and make the organs work better due to the blood that gets forced into them from the cold.

The temperature change stimulates the nervous system, circulatory system, and immune system to reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Syndrome and increase recovery.

Ice packs, ice baths, and thermal blankets are other sources of temperature tools to aid in healing the muscles and decreasing pain and dysfunction.

Although it takes place during a workout, activation is an essential action for recovery.

Before performing strength exercises, making sure to “light up” the muscles that you will use to allow your body to warm up before expending a force output.

Activation prevents injury, because contracting muscles during a strength exercise that are not activated or warmed up puts the joints and muscles at risk for sprains, tears, and sometimes breaks!

When properly activated, the muscles can perform their best during the strength movement and can quickly recover without being overwhelmed.

3PM Crew

It is far better not to be hasty through the workout, and be honest with yourself about the quality of your warm ups.

Being careful will bring you progress faster, as opposed to frequently recovering from injuries.

As your muscle tissue gets healthier, you will feel better each and every day.

Dedicating time to aid your body in recovery will benefit you before, during, and after your workouts.

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