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IR’s COVID-19 Rules & Regulations

The Best Place to Workout with Free Weights in Orange County

Innovative Results is OPEN, welcoming current and new clients to our studio. Here are our safety plans. Please know this list is not an exhaustive list of everything we do. We recognize that we’re dealing with a fluid situation and things will change as we move along. There is no risk free environment BUT we…

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Kettlebell Science

Hoping to learn more about kettlebell training and safety? Register for one of Dr. Stevens’ upcoming webinars below. Psst… they’re free! WEBINAR 1 TITLE: Kettlebell Science: Facts & Fallacies in Sport & Rehab DESCRIPTION: During this 1-hour Conversation, we’ll go over 4-6 commonly held (or taught) beliefs about kettlebell training and compare them to the research. DATE: Wednesday Aug…

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Animal Flow at Innovative Results – September 7th & 8th

10am – 4pm (daily) Master Instructor Kathy Donatto Cost: $595 Save $15 using our discount code: INNOVATIVEFLOW Register Here! Animal Flow is an innovative modality of movement created by Mike Fitch and taught by hundreds across the world. Having movement patterns from yoga, capoeira, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, breakdancing and so much more. Animal Flow can…

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Mix Up Your Workout Routine With These 3 Killer Workouts

We hear it over and over again when it comes to working out “consistency is key”. While it’s important to be working out faithfully, you may not be getting the results you could if you haven’t changed up your workout routine in a while. Even the most veteran bodybuilders and athletes know the huge benefits…

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Get Ready For Summer With These Quick & Easy Workouts!

With summer here, it can seriously mess with your workouts–and let’s be honest, getting full hour-long workouts in can seem impossible! While Innovative Results class times are flexible with your schedule, we get it, sometimes you still can’t make it. We’re taking the work out of “workouts” and curating a list of our favorite workouts,…

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IR Transformation Stories – Wes Stoner

When did you start training at Innovative Results? I started training at Innovative Results in January of 2018.  Why did you start training with Innovative Results? I was looking for a “gym” that had the equipment I needed to train for an upcoming Spartan Race (20′ rope climb, monkey bars, etc). I figured I’d use…

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Benefits of Recovery, and How to Effectively Implement Meditation

By Coach Aubrie Pohl Mindset. Movement. RECOVERY. When is your next planned recovery day? Your body needs to rebuild. To enhance performance, utilize rest days, and PLAN recovery days. Recovery is not quite the same as a rest day. As we allow our body to rest, we accept the action of non-doing and recuperate our nervous system to feel awake.…

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IR Transformation Stories – Misha Beznos

Why did you start training at Innovative Results? I am a mom of two small children- 2.5 and 1yr old. So I am busy. I am new to California and was diagnosed with diastasis Recti which is a separation of my abdominal muscles- due to having my children so close in age. I am a…

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IR Transformation Stories – Beatriz Santana

“Innovative Results is such a great workout place! Thanks to the coaching staff, they are probably the first coaches that I’ve trained with that devote the entire time to the athletes! They completely dedicate the time to watch your form to avoid unnecessary injuries, and are willing to modify the workouts to every person no…

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