IR Transformation Stories – Jeff Schofield

When did you start training at Innovative Results?

I started in November of 2014

Why did you start training with Innovative Results?

I started training there because I was looking for something different than running and going to the gym on my own. Being a former collegiate athlete I missed the intensity of workouts, energy of exercising with other like-minded people, and motivation of coach/trainer. 

What have you improved since you started training with Innovative Results?

Of course, I have improved many physical aspects such as speed, strength, increased core strength, lower body fat, and my clothes fit better. It also improved many aspects of my life in addition to the physical. I enjoy setting goals and working hard to attain them. I enjoy the relationships I build with the other clients and trainers. I improved my self-image and confidence.

What kept you coming back to Innovative Results?

It is a competitive and motivating environment that includes unique exercises that are very functional for everyday life. I also enjoy that you do a certain set of exercises for 3 weeks, which allows you to set goals for that period and try to improve at those exercises before they change it for the next set of 3 weeks.

How has Innovative Results improved the other areas of your life (i.e. work, relationships, finances, education)?

I have mainly used the knowledge and exercise for my job in coaching soccer and as a PE teacher. There are so many ways to strengthen and increase mobility and flexibility using just body weight and I have adapted a lot of what I do at IR to my teams and classes. This last year I started at a new school and their percent of students that pass the Physical Fitness Test was 44%. I did a lot of exercises that I use at IR to help them improve. For students, they need a variety of exercises to prepare for the test not just the same push ups, sit-ups, mile run, etc. As a result, my students passed at a 73% rate. I credit IR for providing me the tools to help my students.

What advice do you have for someone who is just getting started with Innovative Results?

It is going to be challenging at first. You will be sore and some of the exercises you won’t quite get immediately, but have an open mind and stay with it. Before you know it, you will be one of the regulars that is encouraging the new people.

How has your life changed since you started training at Innovative Results?

I feel better physically which improves all aspects of life. I used to wake up in the morning and was in pain as I would get out of bed. That pain is gone and I am able to play soccer more consistently without being sore or in pain.

Who would you want to experience what you get to experience at Innovative Results?

I think anybody that is looking to improve their health should come and be a part of IR. There is every kind of client there from teenagers, elite athletes, former athletes, to injured clients. The workouts can be adapted for you to make it challenging for everyone and to get out of it what you want.

Why do you stay committed to your improvement in and out of the gym?

I realize that life is much more enjoyable when you are pain free and mentally it is good to challenge yourself.

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