IR Transformation Story – Emily Cannon

When did you start coming to Innovative Results?

In 2016 when I got my license.

Why did you start training at IR?

My dad has been going for many years and he explained the workouts and I thought it looked fun. So I came.

What would you say has changed in your life from your training?

My endurance. And all around strength. In Lacrosse I notice a difference in my endurance- in keeping up in the game. I’m staying in longer, I don’t get tired as easily and I don’t need as many breaks as I used to. My leg muscles keep me powering through now.

And what’s kept you coming back?

Emily: I like all of the trainers- they’re fun and it’s not boring workouts- I’m not dreading the workout, it’s always FUN!

How has IR contributed to success in other parts of your life?

It’s kept me MOTIVATED. My dad and I always use the #IRstrong saying whether it’s homework I’m doing or other things. My dad always says “IR strong Emily- you can do it”– and I say “Yeah, I CAN do it!”

What advice would you have for someone who is new here?

Don’t be scared that you can’t do something- there is always modifications. And it’s not embarrassing if you’re not as strong as other people.

Who would you want to experience what you’ve experienced here at IR?

Emily: Girls my age and my younger sister’s age. She wants to start coming here. And I want her to experience what I’ve experienced.

What do you think she’ll get out of it?

Emily: People skills. Being with people who you’re not normally with. I’m never with old people- so now I’m like used to it…

Why do you stay committed to IR?

Because I look good. I’ve gotten toned- I like it.

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