Make a Change with these 3 Pillars Of Innovative Results Support System

By: Aubrie Pohl

Yoga demonstrates her strength and flexibility through yoga at the beach, and at Innovative Results.

Your unique human experience is so personal, so special that no one gets to experience it buy you.

Literally every thought, every idea, every opinion you’ve had has only been seen through the lens of your perception.

You not only live your life, you create it.

You have the power to change your life through reconstructing your INTERNAL WORLD; your thoughts, words, and actions.

positive attitude is intentional, and if you can think, speak, and actconsistently in this way, you will manifest more motivation, happiness, and improved life conditions.

playground workoutWhat is often not realized, is how much power you have to reconstruct your EXTERNAL WORLD.

Are you in an environment for self-transformation and success?

Does you coach allow you to be vulnerable, yet encourage you to discover the strength that already resides within you?

Do your friends uplift you and empower you to strive towards becoming your greatest you?

Understanding that you can change your surroundings will give yourself room to grow, experiment, and begin designing the life of your dreams.

A healthy support system allows others to embrace you, magnify your strengths, and encourage you to be exactly who you want to be.



Your environment matters.playground

It is your home, your workplace, the places you go, and the energy you emanate from your body.

If you are noticing an underlying feeling of frustration, impatience, or restlessness during your day, reflect on your current situation.

This edginess might be the results of your dissatisfaction with your environment.

Why would you constantly go somewhere that doesn’t make you happy?

Your environment is your path towards becoming your greatest potential.

Place yourself in areas that allow you to triumph.

Engage in work that feeds your authentic self.

Make sure each step you take is a step towards somewhere that allows you to grow exponentially.

In regards to training, the psychological and physical benefits of exercise can be altered by the exercise environment you work out in.


Master Coach Aaron with his daughter Hannah.
Master Coach Aaron with his daughter Hannah.

Transitioning through a lifestyle change towards moving better, looking better, and feeling better can be smooth sailing with the guidance of a coach that supports you.

Find a coach that inspires you to create the mindset of success. (Hint: Innovative Results)

Someone who creates the understanding that you are strong, you are not weak. (Hint: Innovative Results)

A coach that not only cares about your fitness goals, but truly cares about helping you tap into your potential, to succeed during training but create that same success everyday of your life. (Hint: Innovative Results)

Exercising is meant to create tiny tears in your muscles, not tears in your confidence and self-image.

Continuously spend time around people who add something to your life, who can be a positive support and fill you with a desire to express yourself.



Cori coaching the Vanguard University Volleyball Team
Cori coaching the Vanguard University Volleyball Team

Your exuberance is often fueled by the people you are around most.

Surround yourself with people who kindle your spirit.

Communicate with ones that emulate the success you want to render in your own life.

Allow others to see the greatnesswithin you and inspire you, to release you from self-doubt and build your self-esteem.

The best friends are the ones that genuinely support you, with unconditional love and acceptance.

Who you spend time with the most will contribute to how you will feel and what you will experience.

This sometimes means walking away from the negative people, the toxicpeople, and the ones that serve you no purpose towards becoming your best.

Why would you spend time with people who don’t see how amazing you are?

Understanding the value of your friends will manifest a great feeling of enthusiasm for the people who mean so much to you.

Each day, we make choices that influence the character of our experiences.

Our decisions determine whether our paths are exhilarating or tedious,supported or tiresome.

Acquire the courage that drives you to surround yourself with support and notice the advantageous effects in every aspect of your life.

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