The Five Aerobic Exercises That Are Game-Changers

Aerobic exercise is an incredibly beneficial rhythmic activity that unifies your mind and body. As you repeatedly move your large muscles in your arms, legs, and hips you begin to breath faster, increase your heart rate, detox impurities and release endorphins. Aerobic exercise is a great way for you to get stronger and healthier, regardless of age, weight, or athletic ability. Aerobic exercises are typically performed at a moderate level of intensity for extended periods of time. Since we love including aerobic activity in our Innovative Results workouts we created a list of our top five aerobic exercises that are total game-changers:

1. Kettlebells

Kettlebell exercises get your heart rate up and incorporate challenging movements for almost every muscle in your body. Aside from getting a great aerobic exercise, working with kettlebells can also improve your posture, agility, coordination, increase your bone density, and much more. If you’re interested in getting started with kettlebell training remember that safety is key – it is best to get some guidance from an Innovative Results instructor before you start your own kettlebell practice.

2. Jump Rope

Jumping rope is one of the most effective ways to add high-intensity aerobic exercise into your workout routine. Jumping rope can improve balance, strengthen cardiovascular health, increase strength, and scorch calories. There are several jumping techniques that you can practice, such as the double foot jump, alternating foot jumps, and the running step. Jumping rope pairs well with circuit training as well as a stand alone exercise. It is important to note that there is a proper way to jump rope in order to protect your body.

3. Rowing

Rowing is a combination exercise that works your muscular and cardiovascular durability. In order to row properly, you need to use your upper and lower body strength at the same time – this unique push and pull motion works multiple major muscle groups simultaneously. This is a great low-impact and strength-building aerobic exercise that will get your heart racing!

4. High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training, aka HIIT, consists of short, intense bursts of exercise with either active recovery or complete rest in between.  This is a great aerobic exercise when you are short on time but looking for killer results. These exercises can be done on cardio machines, outside, or in the comfort of your own home.

Each time you step into your running shoes, you are committing yourself to a difficult challenge. Aerobic exercise requires focus, determination, and resilience. This may sound like hard work, but the results are optimal and necessary in order to build and maintain healthy, strong bodies.  Remember to keep breathing, find your rhythm, do your best, and keep your eyes on the prize!

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