Transformational Leadership and The Innovative Results Fitness Coach

Yoga demonstrates her strength and flexibility through yoga at the beach, and at Innovative Results.

The essay below is by Aubrie Pohl, an incredible leader and coach at Innovative Results.

Each fitness coach and intern at Innovative Results goes through a continued education and development system, that we call the IR3 progression (IR3 stands for Innovative Results-Mindset, Movement, Recovery).

We believe very strongly that each team member is a leader of leaders, and when a leader and fitness coach improves their quality of life, they will inevitably improve the quality of life for everyone they encounter throughout their life.

Aubrie has accomplished four levels of our company’s development and education system. The fourth level is no easy feat, taking Aubrie close to a year to complete, she finalized her achievement with this essay.

We are so proud of her, and are even happier that we get the opportunity to learn and be led by her each day at The Fitness Playground.

Check out her essay about Transformational Leadership and the Innovative Results Fitness Coach here:

Transformational Leadership and The Innovative Results Fitness Coach

What image pops into your head when you see the word — leader?

Is it an image of one individual standing in front of others?

What if, your perception of leadership was opened to one of an individual that helps guide growth, empowerment, and positive action in other people?

One that, instead of an individual standing IN FRONT of others, they are in fact NEXT TO or even BEHIND others?

Leadership is not only for presidents and bosses.

YOU can be a leader!

Leaders are made through intentions, actions, and adaptations.

It’s about you stepping up and committing to your growth and leadership.

Give yourself permission to start expressing your true self, your passions, and your motivations.

Once we gather an intrinsic sense of who we are and who we want to be, we create a strong foundation to bring out our best and help bring out the best in others.

That’s the secret.

Create the most meaningful work of your life.

Stand up for what you truly stand for, and you will find a community of people that will share your values.

Then you will connect, learn, grow, evolve, and develop your vision together.

We humans and we at Innovative Results, work better as a team.

The creative synergy within a group can help each person flourish in many directions by contributing to each other’s knowledge and accountability.

The effect will create a team of leaders, a collective endeavor where each person has a strong autonomy and standard, but encourages and thrives in teamwork.

Our motivation can increase ten fold if we are consistently communicating with others!

If our environment has a constant sense of diligent change and growth, there is a greater chance for us to absorb those qualities.

Surround yourself with others that see the greatness within you and inspire you to success!

Let leadership seep into each and every space of your being and your life.

Our bodies are leaders of change.

They will adapt, change, and develop over time to make life easier for us.

Your body is a team.

Everything connects to everything, and works together.

It’s making sure you breathe while you sleep.

It will mend injuries, fix broken bones, and heal cuts and bruises.

Your muscles will create a movement solution if you are struggling in an exercise.

Humans are arguably the most adaptable species because of our ability to conquer any environment.
If our bodies are that malleable and adaptable to the present situation, shouldn’t our minds be as well?
Commit yourself to a path of progression, strength, and an improved quality of life.
Become a leader of your workouts.
Develop a vision of your best self and take steps every day towards your goal.
It starts with YOU.
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