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Dane Fernandez at Innovative ResultsCoach Dane’s Story of Transformation  

by: Coach Dane Fernandez

Innovative results has been awesome since the moment I stepped through the doors. A fresh burst of positive energy by the staff and clients made me feel welcomed. Even though it was a unfamiliar environment I felt at home.

Orange County personal trainers at Innovative Results, The Orange County Fitness PlaygroundInnovative Results interested me mainly because I’ve been looking for an open floor style gym for years. After doing research for gyms in the Orange County area, Innovative Results kept coming up on my internet searches time and time again. As soon as I heard about Innovative Results I was compelled to dig deeper to find out as much information as possible. One thing that stood out to me through the website was the structure of the gym/playground. After looking through all the photos and videos I spent time reading the coaches bio’s as well as reading numerous transformation stories from their massive data base.

Dane Fernandez Its Pags MediaHaving pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and being an ex-athlete, it was important for me to find a gym that I wanted to work at as well as workout in. After all the research I did, Innovative Results appealed to me and I applied for a position within the company.

Fast forward to my first encounter with the coaches and staff of Innovative Results. I was quickly impressed with what they represented as a business as well as how they expressed their individual mindsets. The ideas and philosophies these coaches were talking about facilitated my curiosity in the program. Longing to be exposed to a program whose main goal is to improve people’s quality of life, I was drawn in from the get go. During the interview and hiring process I was exposed to the operations in detail, seeing first hand hard-work and diligent focus went into making this company/ gym great. Through this process I got introduced to the IR3 Mindset, Movement, and Recovery System. Knowing that this system had tremendous benefits for my professional and personal career I stepped forward to walk out the progression.

innovative results 3 (mindset movement recovery) ebookThrough my time with Innovative Results I have been able to improve as an athlete and as a coach. Utilizing the IR3 progression my mindset has been reconditioned with positive thoughts, positive words, and positive actions. With a quick change in mindset I was able to improve in multiple disciplines in my personal and professional career.

It is through Innovative Results Movement concept that I am finding the most benefit in my life. Being an ex-athlete I have been through many injuries and have created very poor habits as a result of improper rehab and training protocols. Innovative Results addresses proper training mechanics when conducting physical movement whether it be working out at the gym or daily life tasks. I am excited to say I am reaping the physical benefits this program offers in strength, power, and aerobic capacity.

orange county personal training, ankorr, crawling, harness, gym, fitness gym, orange county fitness gym, orange county fitness playgroundEven though Innovative Results training sessions can be tough, the program offers and pays special attention to multiple corrective mobility and recovery techniques. Again, another transformation piece redefined for me through learning the IR3 system. Previously for me, recovery used to mean icing old injuries and elevating legs after a hard of training. This is all great to do and it’s encouraged, but recovery goes way deeper. By applying active stretching with joint and tissue decompression post training sessions, Innovative Results recovery protocol has taught me to practice and train body durability and resilience. This technique has proven to be a huge reason for my continued success in and out of the gym.

Innovative Results has provided me with a more complete framework for transformation. With a solid foundation to practice and teach movement effectively, I feel I am able to transform my life to the next level. Thank you Innovative Results.

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