Innovative Results: Not Your Average Fitness Center

 Innovative Results: Not Your Average Fitness CenterWelcome to the Playground! 

At Innovative Results, we pride ourselves on our uniquely designed fitness center, known as the adult playground. When you walk through the doors, it is clear that our gym is different. Our minimalistic facility is designed with human natural movement in mind. Our methods encourage our members to push, pull, squat, jump, run and leap as their bodies would do naturally. In collaboration with the open floor plan, our fitness methods encourage our members to challenge themselves to their own unique limit. When combined, we experience a superior workout that provides better overall strength, mobility, and increased calorie burn.

From Machine to Machine 

Traditionally, the interiors of fitness centers are packed with machines designed to build muscles in focused areas, working one muscle at a time – hello glamour guns. Machines are great for educating people on how to target muscles and create fitness routines, however, they require little to no supervision, instruction, creativity, and community. They provide a fixed range of movement which is great for the targeted muscles but not so great for the supporting muscles groups. Think of it this way, as one section of the body increases and develops the supporting zones are stagnant and undeveloped.. #yikes. At the IR fitness center, we focus on creating healthy, able, and athletic bodies that can carry us as we adapt and evolve with nature.

 Innovative Results: Not Your Average Fitness Center

Freedom to Move

Since opening our doors in Costa Mesa our focus has been on functional physical fitness, education, and fun. Our open floor plan fitness center provides our community with freedom for movement and energy exertion – our community can go as hard as they possibly can, reach new limits and obtain an incredible amount of natural strength. With the assistance of our expert instructors, our members are coached and supported in building lean and athletic bodies while having a laugh or two.

 Innovative Results: Not Your Average Fitness CenterOur Innovative Results method provides our members with the guidelines to work multiple muscles simultaneously and building stronger and leaner bodies in a fun and community-driven atmosphere. When it comes to how you want to spend your hour at the gym, how effective do you want it to be? Check us out at IR and give our innovative fitness center a try.

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