Innovative Results: The Best Gym Near You

Innovative Results: The Best Gym Near YouAt Innovative Results, our mission is to provide our members with a holistic fitness experience. We support our community in a personal and attentive environment that focuses on mindset, movement, and recovery. Our trainers are skilled and actively learning members in the SoCal fitness community. Collectively we agree that in order to reach goals and see results, we need to teach our minds to relax, our bodies to move safely and our bodies to recover properly.

Pro Tip: Simple things like eating better quality foods, getting more sleep and using a foam roller can speed your results and help you recover from workouts and life.

Since opening our doors, Innovative Results is home to people looking for real results, educated trainers, and a supportive community. We are proud to say that our three-prong approach to fitness and wellness has made Innovative Results one of the best gyms in Costa Mesa. Not only do we attract members of the local community, but you can catch people from all over the world at our events & seminars.

Top Qualities to Look for in a Gym Near You:

Well educated trainers

Varied workouts

Supportive community

Being the best gym takes commitment and continued education. In today’s modern age, we know that form is key to build and maintain strong bodies as we grow older. At Innovative Results, our trainers work with our members to make sure they understand proper form before they move on to heavier weights or faster sets.  

At Innovative Results, our personal trainers help to assess your current situation and then teach you how to move properly.  This involves improving mobility for some people, fixing imbalances, improving posture, and creating stability in joints.

We use science and technology to our advantage and string together workouts that target large Innovative Results: The Best Gym Near Youmuscle groups and move the body in natural ways to avoid injury.

We teach people to move more efficiently so that they can look better, feel better and perform at their best.

The Innovative Results fitness center, also known as the Playground, is designed to bring out your inner child and athlete. Our minimalistic facility is designed with human natural movement in mind. Our methods encourage our members to push, pull, squat, jump, run and leap as their bodies would do naturally. In collaboration with the open floor plan, our fitness methods encourage our members to challenge themselves to their own unique limit. When combined, we experience a superior workout that provides better overall strength, mobility, and increased calorie burn. We promise that our workouts won’t get boring or focus on just one part of the body because we know that doesn’t get you results. 

Our unique environment contributes, in large, to our awesome community. We attract a certain type of individual who understands or wants to understand the science and value behind our focus: mindset, movement, and recovery. We encourage each other and support one another on and off the playground. We play, we work, and we get results

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