IR Transformation Story – Cesar Gallo

How did you hear about Innovative Results?

I heard about Innovative Results through Yelp.

What about Innovative Results interested you in coming in?

Their approach to fitness. At the time, I had recently recovered from a car accident… the last thing I wanted was to get re-injured hence my attention to finding a gym that is well staffed with knowledgeable trainers to guide me through my fitness journey.

Why did you decide to step into the gym?

I was looking to incorporate some sort of strength training into my exercise routine.

What was your first reaction once you entered the gym?

I walked in the middle of a workout and I was impressed and intrigued by the type of exercises they were doing.

What was one thing you like about Innovative Results that kept you coming back for more?

I can truly say that every session is not only an excellent workout but an opportunity to explore my physical boundaries and learn to care for myself.

How has your vision of movement changed since you’ve started working out at Innovative Results?

My vision of movement and what is possible has expanded drastically! I’m constantly noticing my body responds positively to training which gives me the confidence to enjoy new activities and hobbies.

How has Innovative Results helped your mindset in daily living? at home, school, work, or in the community?

The skills learned at the gym apply to everything else in life… hard work, discipline, patience, self care, etc.

What was the biggest obstacle (mental/structural/physical) you’ve crossed since starting at Innovative Results?

Regaining trust to move freely was the very first obstacle. Now that I’ve been a member for over a year, it’s very rewarding to achieve milestones and set new ones.

How were you able to surpass your obstacle?

Showing up is half the battle. I try to be in the moment, pay attention to the trainers and push myself safely to the best of my abilities. I appreciate the guidance and care of the IR staff.

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