How Does Innovative Results Training Help So Many Different Types of People Look Better Feel Better Perform Better?

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to improving your quality of life through fitness and health.

Crossfit has their WODs.

Boot Camp Classes simply have everyone doing the same exercises.

Many other trainers simply mix up random exercises to build a TOUGH Circuit.

The truth is that these styles of training don’t necessarily work.

People get injured, run themselves into the ground, develop aches and pains…

Eric Olson

When all they really wanted to do was:

  • Lose Weight
  • Gain Muscle
  • Look Better
  • Feel Better
  • Perform Better

Each person that walks through Innovative Results door is unique.

Maybe they’ve never worked out in their life.

Maybe they are hardcore athletes or fitness fanatics.

Or maybe they are looking to be challenged in new ways.

onnitKBCreating programs that appeal to this wide variety of people, can be difficult, but if you have an intelligent fitness coach or personal trainer, you will be taken care of.

So, how do we program for every single person’s success at Innovative Results?

We make sure every progression and workout builds on the last training session/training cycle, and contributes to the future training session/training cycle.

How do we do this?

2016-01-12 10.11.51We make sure each exercise, training session, and training cycle helps each person look better, feel better, perform better, gain lean body mass, and lose body fat with all of these points in mind:

  • We Train Movement Patterns
  • We Use Progressions and Regressions for Every Cycle, Session, and Exercise
  • We Adjust work load and intensity levels According to Each Person, Exercise, and Training Session
  • We Monitor and Adjust Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Volume
  • We Ask Good Questions
  • We Adjust as Necessary Based on Individual Feedback Every Training Session and Training Cycle
  • We Providing Support In the Gym and Outside of the Training Session
  • We Provide Motivation and Inspiration
  • We Provide Nutrition Guidance, Sleep Guidance, and Recovery Guidance

playgroundThe Orange County Fitness Playground is just as focused on intelligent coaching, as it is on having fun, as it is on emotional support.

We literally want to help  everyone in Orange County improve their quality of life!


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