How to Talk Yourself into a Positive Mindset

How to Talk Yourself into a Positive Mindset

By: Coach Sareena Rama

Positive self-talk is the practice of cultivating positive words and thoughts in your inner voice. Our inner voice feeds us the motivation, or lack thereof, each day. Often we allow our inner voice to dictate our mindset into negativity.

What if I told you that you can talk yourself into a positive mindset?

Psychological research has assessed this idea and found that using positive self-talk in sports is an effective tool to control anxiety, increase motivation and focus, and build confidence!

So how does this relate to your day to day life?

You can practice positive self-talk before the feelings of anxiety, lack of motivation, focus or conference arise in your life!

The benefit of this practice can help reduce daily stressors, boost your mental resilience, and help increase motivation!

Benefits of Practicing Positive Self-Talk

Reduce Daily Stress
When we are faced with challenging or stressful situations, recognize the ability you have to change your self-talk from “this is too hard for me” to “I can do this”. This practice allows you to reframe your mindset going into a situation!

Boost Mental Resilience
Our resilience can be boosted by a positive approach to life. Research tells us that approaching life with a positive mindset can help us feel more confident in our abilities to recover faster, achieve goals, and succeed!

Increase Motivation
Positive self-talk can help increase motivation when exercising, by feeding your mind positive affirmations; breathe in “you are strong”, breathe out any doubts you may have today

How to use Positive Self-Talk today!

Start your day with a positive affirmation or mantra. Try one of these mantras;

I am powerful
I am strong
I will have a great day
I can do anything I desire
I am responsible for my emotions
I am capable of today
Or create your own that speaks to you!

Reframe Negativity
Next time you catch yourself feeding negative self-talk into your life, reframe it! Change the “can’t” to “can” and your “won’t” to “will”!

Be Aware
Be aware of negative thoughts. When you experience a negative thought, remind yourself that you are in control of how you respond to it!

Positive self-talk has benefits that can help reduce stress, boost resilience, and increase motivation. Find out what positive self-talk can do for your life by choosing one of these practices to cultivate positivity within your inner voice today!

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