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How to Talk Yourself into a Positive Mindset

How to Talk Yourself into a Positive Mindset By: Coach Sareena Rama Positive self-talk is the practice of cultivating positive words and thoughts in your inner voice. Our inner voice feeds us the motivation, or lack thereof, each day. Often we allow our inner voice to dictate our mindset into negativity. What if I told…

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Innovative Results has teamed up with SoCal Elite Physical Therapy

Innovative Results – The Fitness Playground now has an in-house physical therapist. Normally this AWESOME new addition to OC’s Fitness Playground does not come bundled in your Innovative Results Monthly Training Program BUT the SoCal Elite Physical Therapy Team (Costa Mesa) is now offering a FREE 30-minute consultation to all Innovative Results members! How cool…

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Turn Your 6-Pack Into Reality With These 10 Ab Workouts

10 Ab Workouts For A 6-Pack

Summer is right around the corner and you know what that means? Bathing suit season. You should be proud of the work you’ve put into your ab workouts, but we get it–sometimes your abs need a little extra love. That’s why we’ve curated these top 10 ab workouts to burn and shape your abdominals. Keep…

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Transform Your Body With Weight Training

Weight Lifting

For some, weight training brings to mind thoughts of lifting hundreds of pounds, veins bursting through your neck, with a heavy dose of Wimbledon style grunting. But there other ways you can incorporate weight training into your workout without feeling like you have to lift heavy.

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Why Your Favorite Music Playlists Get You “In The Zone”

Circuit Training: Why & How

We’ve all had the experience of “being in the zone” while you workout—blasting Today’s Top Hits on Spotify or another favorite workout playlist. Let’s be honest, is there any better way to workout? Everyone has their own methods of motivation, but for most, music plays a huge role in their fitness routine.

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Obstacle Course Training

Obstacle Course Training – Sunday’s at 11 am Whether you are training for your first adventure race or a seasoned veteran to obstacle course racing Coach Donovan has the tips to reduce risk of injury, concur obstacle specific challenges and shed minutes off your race times. 1 hour class for all athletic levels. $20 for…

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Kinstretch Makes It’s Return: Join Us Online or In-Person

Our bodies have trained themselves to become more efficient with the way we move—that means taking shortcuts, also known as habits! These habits are essentially the body’s “path of least resistance”. But, as we all know the story of the Rabbit and Tortoise, the fastest way isn’t always the best way.

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Motivus “a moving cause” – Determining Your WHY

Motivation is simply the desire to do things. It is a word that derives from the Latin term motivus “a moving cause”. It is the feeling that you get that feels good. For some it is the thing that gets them up every morning. For others it is a simple push or that little extra…

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Kinstretch is currently unavailable at The Fitness Playground. Check back in January 2019 for more class options!! Kinstretch is a movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility and USABLE ranges of motion. WHAT TO EXPECT AT YOUR FIRST KINSTRETCH CLASS EXPECT to use limited equipment (no mat needed) EXPECT to use and control your own…

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