IR Transformation Stories – Ken St. Cyr

How did you hear about Innovative Results?

I was referred to Innovative Results by my Sports Med doctor who told me he had heard very good things about the work being done there. I needed a workout regime that supported my pole vault agility and strength development and he thought you guys could do that.

What about Innovative Results interested you in coming in?  

When I first visited and talked with the staff I was impressed with the knowledge and understanding of my needs.

What was your first reaction once you entered the gym? 

The workouts with the coaches are dynamic and not simply machine strength training. I am moving and exercising muscles that clearly support my desire to improve my pole vaulting strength and mobility. It was clear the staff has done their research on pole vaulting and knew how to get the best out of me.

What was one thing you like about Innovative Results that kept you coming back for more? 

The complete focus on me and my needs. The coaches spend every second watching, coaching, correcting and encouraging. Together we put together a long term game plan designed to peak at just the right time.

How has your vision of movement changed since you’ve started working out at Innovative Results? 

Absolutely. I am more flexible, more toned and more competent as a 65 year old pole vaulter. That would not be possible without the effort put forth by Innovative Results.

How has Innovative Results helped your mindset in daily living? (at home, school, work, or in the community)

I generally feel in great shape, healthy and positive in my outlook. I attribute much of that to the results being achieved at IR.

What was the biggest obstacle (mental/structural/physical) you’ve crossed since starting at Innovative Results? 

I suffered a ruptured appendix soon after joining IR. Three months later, after surgery and full recovery when I was able to begin working out again I was on a tight timeline to get prepared for several major competitions. The staff at IR was able to get me back in shape quickly by constantly working me as hard as possible without crossing the boundary to be injury prone.

How were you able to surpass your obstacle? 

Due to the commitment of IR we had a training program that maximized my ability to regain strength and flexibility. I was fortunate enough to win a Bronze Medal at the US National Senior Games in June and then subsequently win the USA Masters Games.. I also won a Silver Medal at the North and Central America Masters Championships in Toronto in August 2017. It was a team effort with IR all the way!

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