4 Workouts That Will Keep You Going All Year

Article By: Paige Johnson, Learnfit.org

In exercise, a lot of people tend to develop the habit of sticking to what works for them. However as with anything, all things change —including your body and what it needs to thrive. If you allow your muscles to become accustomed to your workout routine with little to no variety, you will begin to see little to no results. Little to no results will in turn lead to frustration and inactivity, which is never the goal! This year take the time to add variety to your existing fitness regimen and watch as your body changes along with you!


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The benefits of jogging are tremendous and one of the best ways to yield results in your overall health and wellbeing. Jogging improves your cardiovascular fitness, strengthens your bones and it aids in maintaining a healthy weight. If you are new to jogging or just trying to find ways to spruce up your routine, joining a joggers group may be just the right step for you! You may find a runners club sponsored by your local sports store or you can form one in your own neighborhood! The primary foundation of a running group is to meet one or two times a week and run a select distance as a group. The encouragement and team response you will receive from participating in such a group will prove to be beneficial to your general mood as well as your health. The accountability that comes with running in a group also will assist you in maximizing your fitness efforts to attain better results!


Try a spin class

Photo By Adrian Flores (Stock Snap)
Photo By Adrian Flores (Stock Snap)

Spinning, a specific format of indoor cycling, is a exercise routine that has quickly made its way around the world. As you ride on a stationary cycling bike under the supervision of a certified spinning instructor, your heart rate will shoot up which in return allows you to sweat, burn a sustainable amount of calories and improve your lower body strength. Most spin classes typically last an hour or less and can be taken at your local gym or fitness facility. Classes are uptempo and accompanied with loud, adrenaline pumping music. Be sure to bring a towel for sweat and plenty of water! Consider bringing a friend to enjoy the new experience with you!



Practice yoga

Yoga is not your typical heart racing type of exercise, however if done properly the benefits practicing are amazing. The practice of yoga originated in India and has widespread across the globe as a phenomenal way to improve your mental and physical health and wellness. Physical benefits of yoga include increased core strength, increased flexibility and weight reduction. The mental benefits of yoga sharpens your concentration, helps you de-stress and also increases body awareness.


Start using weights

Jennifer Lifting with Kettlebell

The use of weights, also known as strength training is a wildly successful way to add more value to your fitness efforts. The use of weights create a compound called resistance, which can be explained as using your muscles to work against the extra pounds. Weight training helps you burn calories more efficiently than traditional exercise and it also reduces body fat. The best way to become introduced to strength training is by acquiring a personal trainer to allow yourself to see maximum results and avoid potential injuries. It doesn’t hurt to get some equipment for your home either.

Incorporating one or more of these exercises into your routine will be more than enough to keep your fitness goals on track throughout the year. Adding variety is the best way to ensure that you are getting the most out of your efforts, and it will keep you from inactivity due to boredom. Keep your routine fun and fresh by stepping outside of your workout habits and begin to enjoy the fittest, healthiest version of yourself!

If you are ready to start a new training program, whether it be running, strength training, yoga or all of the above – Go ahead and fill out the form below and one of our Innovative Results Personal Trainers will contact you to discuss your training goals!

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