IR Transformation Stories – Nick Flohr

What brought you to Innovative Results?

I came to Innovative Results after googling the best gyms in my area in order to get in the best shape I could be before joining the Army.

What were your initial thoughts on the gym?

My initial thoughts on Innovative Results’ gym were that it isn’t your typical gym where you feel lost in the shuffle and go off on your own and do whatever you want. Innovative Results is a smaller gym that really focuses on encouraging everyone who is training there to give it their personal best effort while doing exercises that you wouldn’t normally see at a gym and of course they make sure you’re having fun while you workout! 

After your first session what was something that stood out that kept you coming back for the next session? How about after the first month?

Something that stood out to me after my first session and still stands out to me are the coaches. Everyone at Innovative Results is nothing but friendly and caring and it feels like a second family. The trainers are always asking how you are and really take the time to make sure you know how to do the exercises properly and are always motivating and pushing you to do nothing but your best with each rep.

What change or changes have you seen in yourself (mindset, movement, recovery, attitude, mentality, strength, wellness, etc) since you started at Innovative Results?

Both my family and myself have seen many personal changes since working out with the staff at Innovative Results. Not only are there improvements to my physical body but additionally to my mindset. I’m more motivated to do things, I’m stronger, faster, I have way more endurance than I did when I first started working out, and the biggest change I’ve seen in myself is my attitude. Going to Innovative Results has made me love to workout. I want to wake up early everyday and go on runs on the days I don’t go to the gym. I want to eat better and take care of my body and I want to push myself to do the best I can everyday.

What do you LOVE about Innovative Results! What keeps you consistent and focused for every session? 

I love how different Innovative Results is from every other gym out there! Every time I go to workout I’m always excited to see my trainers and learn what new workout routine I have. I’m always having fun and smiling every time I go to Innovative Results. Thank you for mentoring and encouraging me to be the best version of myself.

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