The Best Place to Workout with Free Weights in Orange County


The Best Place to Workout with Free Weights in Orange CountyOne of the most common and popular forms of equipment found in the modern gym today is the classic free weight. Human beings began recognizing the benefits of practicing routine movements with added weights thousands of years ago, dating back to Ancient Egypt. Warriors would practice fighting in battle with weighted swords and rods in order to build strength and enhance their performance on the battlefield.

At Innovative Results we train our daily warriors for the slightly less extreme adventures of the modern world. Our facility is considered the best place to workout with free weights in Orange County because we focus on creating a holistic experience that combines free weights and functional movement exercises. These types of workouts increase your range of motion, prevent injuries and provide great stability for your entire body.

“Our mission at Innovative Results is to improve the quality of life in our clients. Using free weights and functional movement keeps the vibrancy, resilience, and mobility within their joints, so that their everyday movement moves better and feels better!” – Aubrie Pohl, IR Lead Coach

For example, by incorporating free weights into your squat routine, you are engaging the muscles across your Sagittal plane causing you to run, bike, and swim faster.



One of the major benefits (and challenges) of practicing with free weights is its efficiency. Unlike, free weights are not confined to space. They require you to train your body for stability and balance. When your body is supporting both the weight and your movements, all your muscles work together. While you might only be focusing on your biceps and triceps your core and stabilizer muscles are kicked into gear as well!

At Innovative Results, we create fun and engaging workouts that require you to perform full body movements with free weights. These compound exercises hit your major muscle areas and help you reach peak calorie burning performance. Next time you practice your squat to overhead press with dumbbells, take a second to think about all the areas in your body you are enhancing in this one movement!  


It is important to remember that safety and form are key when it comes to fitness and since free weights have no limits, it is important to learn your limits. Here are some tips to consider before picking up your next set of weights:

  • Learn proper technique and form (don’t worry, we’ll teach you!)
  • Practice breathing throughout each movement
  • Lift the weights slow and controlled through a full range of motion
  • When lifting very heavy weights, use a spotter for safety
  • Avoid hyperextension in the spine
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