IR Transformation Story – Manny Aragon

When did you start training at Innovative Results?

I started training at Innovative Results in November of 2014.

Why did you start training with Innovative Results?

I came into Innovative Results at the time for a session- It KILLED me… So I signed up for a month unlimited special and ended up going 5 out of 6 days a week for a month. Yes, it was challenging but totally AWESOME…

What have you improved since you started training with Innovative Results?

Dude! Where do I start?!…Ok, Ok. I have more physical confidence. As a lifelong “tall and skinny guy” I have never felt fast, strong, or solid in any way… Now I am competing in Kettlebell competitions. I have more physical confidence as I “feel” stronger.

What kept you coming back to Innovative Results?

IR is like family. That. Is. All.

How has Innovative Results improved the other areas of your life (i.e. work, relationships, finances, education)?

Athletes are my primary clientele. As a runner, and triathlete, and now as a member of a Kettlebell Sport Competition Team, I have more street credibility with my clientele and perspective clientele. Added bonus, my work is now easier and since I also teach my clients how to move, I have become more educated as a movement professional.

What advice do you have for someone who is just getting started with Innovative Results?

Start at your own pace. The crew AND the Innovative Results Family (clients) are all here to help you succeed. As a client it totally STOKES me to see new folks show up and stick with it. STICK WITH IT. You WILL improve. Give your body time. Be PATIENT. Folks who come in consistently WILL see improvement in 30 days. But the real transformation takes place over the long term. This is the difference between dabbling and actually making a LIFE CHANGE. There are MANY folks at Innovative Results who have been with Innovative Results for many years.

How has your life changed since you started training at Innovative Results?

I am doing something that I NEVER expected I would be doing…Competitive Kettlebell Sport. I have a rather severe Scoliosis. NEVER thought I’d be lifting weights…NEVER thought lifting weights competitively would make my body feel better. It DOES!

Who would you want to experience what you get to experience at Innovative Results?

I recommend Innovative Results to EVERY one of my clients. They ALL need to move better and have better access to usable functional strength and positive mental programming.

Why do you stay committed to your improvement in and out of the gym?

Umm…This is my FAMILY now… Nuff said!

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