Lacrosse Athlete Gains Explosive Power & Endurance by Training at Innovative Results

emilycannonToday Innovative Results’ is highlighting one of our incredible student-athletes, Emily Cannon.

This young lady’s dedication, persistence, and strength is beyond compare. The Innovative Results Team cannot wait to see what is in store for Emily’s future, and athletic career!

Here is Emily’s Testimonial Interview given by Manny Aragon(MA) for Innovative Results.

MA: When did you start coming to Innovative Results (IR)?

Emily: Last year when I got my license.

MA: 2016?

Emily: Yeah.

MA: Why did you start training here (at IR)?

Emily: Because my dad went and he explained the workouts and I thought it looked fun. So I came. I did try it out before 2016 with my dad.

MA: What would you say has changed in your life from your training?

Emily: My endurance. And all around strength.

MA: So- what does that look like? You play sports- correct?

Emily: Yes. In Lacrosse I notice a difference in my endurance- in keeping up in the game.

MA: So what position do you play? Attack? image3

Emily: Yes. Attack. I’m staying in longer, I don’t get tired as easily and I don’t need as many breaks as I used to. (Ed. Note: Attack is a strength endurance position requiring bursts of explosive speed and power). My leg muscles keep me powering through.

MA: And what’s kept you coming back?

Emily: I like all of the trainers- they’re fun and its not boring workouts- I’m not, I’m not DREADING the workout, its FUN!

MA: How has IR contributed to success in other parts of your life?

Emily: Ummm Its kept me MOTIVATED. My dad and I always use the #IRstrong saying whether its homework im doing- My dad always says “IR strong Emily- you can do it”– and I say “Yeah, I CAN do it!” (laughs) “Yeah.”

MA: What advice would you have for someone who is new here?

Emily: Don’t be scared that you can’t do something- there is always modifications. And its not embarrassing if you’re not as strong as other people.

MA: Who would you want to experience what you’ve experienced here at IR?

Emily: My sister. She wants to start coming here. And I want her to experience what I’ve experienced.

MA: What do you think she’ll get out of it?

Emily: People skills. Being with people who you’re not normally with. I’m never with old people- so now I’m like used to it…

MA: Why do you stay committed to IR?

Emily: Because I look good. I’ve gotten toned- I like it.

MA: Have other people noticed?

Emily: Um-Hmm.

MA: In what way? Positive?

Emily: Yes. Positive.

MA: Anything else to add?

Emily: (pointing at the camera) “I LOVE Innovative Results!”



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