Top 5 Ab Workouts for a Strong Core

The abdominal core is a group of muscles that work together to help you breathe, move, run, and play. Our abs protect our organs as well as support our spine, and provide strength and stability in all of our movements. Think about it next time you pick something up off the floor or reach for an item off the shelf, your core is alive! Therefore, it is important that we pay attention to our abs on a regular basis and not just on the summer six pack months. A stronger core means better balance and stability, which is crucial to nurture as we get older. Let’s take a look at our top-seven ab workouts that focus on strengthening your core for optimal wellness:

Sandbag Carries Carrying a heavy sandbag in your arms forces you to stand tall and resist collapsing forward.  This is a simple, yet effective way to improve strength throughout the arms, back, abdominal wall, and hips.

Single Arm XT Row
Using the Jungle Gym XT, we simply lean back, resist rotation and pull our thumb to our armpit. Similar to other rows, but the anti-rotation aspect really challenges the core.

Single Kettlebell Rack Carry

Having the kettlebell on one side adds another level of difficulty.  Stand tall and do not allow the body to shift, tilt, or compensate with the asymmetrical load.  Your sides will be working on this one.

Chain Pull

Starting in a push up position, with a chain looped around a bucket, we simply reach out and pull the chain towards us. Avoid a lot of movement with the hips/legs and this will challenge the core like no other.

Barrel Push/Pull
Two heavy barrels are side by side.  Assume a good athletic position in front of the barrels, place one hand on each barrel lid, and then push one and pull the other.  This one is a killer!

Chain Sidewinder
Similar to the sidewinder exercise with the heavy ropes, we found that using the chain added a little more resistance and forced us to move as well.  This exercise is smooth and incredibly tough.

Sandbag Rotational Lunge
This lunge variation has a lot going on, but has quickly become one of our favorites.  The sandbag is propelled forward by our hips and the core has to support, resist rotation, and assist in the movement.  Great great great exercises for athletes.

Our top-seven ab workouts are pretty intense, and that’s because we know the core can handle it! As always, start slow and practice with safety in mind. If you have any questions relating to these workouts stop by our playground!

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