VersaClimber Benefits for Your Fitness Training Program

By Mark Elmasry

Mark and his sidekick, Mugsy
Mark and his sidekick, Mugsy

The VersaClimber is a great tool to use in a plethora of exercise programs, and there are many VersaClimber Benefits.

Most high level athletic trainingfacilities are equipped with them, Innovative Results fitness gym has it for all of their athletes.

All fitness gyms and athlete training facilities should incorporate them in their training programs.

We incorporate it into our training program at Innovative Results fitness gym because it is a safe regression for any hard impact movements, it is an excellent strength building tool, it is an awesome recovery tool, and it can be used to train all three energy systems.

The first of the VersaClimber Benefits and the reason it is an excellent implement to your fitness training program because it is a safe warm up tool that will always be time efficient and effective.

Alli VersaClimberThe basic movement of the Versaclimber is a very natural contra-lateral pattern (an elaborate way of saying the opposing limbs–Right arm with left leg, and left arm with right leg–move together, like when walking, running, or swimming).

It requires a complex pattern of coordinated movements that we all practice as babies by simply crawling.

When you master that at a young age, we are never too old to keep practicing that rudimentary movement.

Moving opposing limbs like that is so beneficial for your nervous system.

This teaches both sides of your brain spatial awareness and basic neuromuscular grooving.

When you move repetitively like this in a low impact environment, quick or slow, you are training your lower body to keep up with your upper body and vice versa.

It becomes a pattern that you subconsciously remember; your “muscle memory” takes over, and is an athletic drill that can benefit every sport and activity.

Training with the Versa Climber has a variety of uses, specifically focusing on any of the three energy systems.



The Versaclimber can hit all three energy systems.versaclimber trip

It can be used in short, explosive bursts to deplete the phosphor-creatine system; which maxes out at about 8-12 seconds depending on the muscle fiber make-up and the level of conditioning of the subject.

The next energy system is the fast glycolysis system, or the lactic threshold.

Versa climber sprints from 15 seconds to up to 1:45 sec or 2 minutes are going to push the lactic capacity of your muscles ability to do work with making lactic acid as a byproduct.



Energy Systems

The more you train that energy system the more potential your muscles have to do work without making acid as a byproduct.

You can train your lactic (fast glycolysis) system to be very efficient and keep your muscles working for a good amount of time as well as recharge for more work within a brief recovery period as well.

Last of the energy systems is our oxidative energy system which has an infinite amount of energy because it is the process of our lungs oxygenating our blood.

That process only stops when we stop breathing and our heart stops beating.

However, we can always train this energy system to be more efficient and the versaclimber is an awesome way to do so while cruising at a submaximal heart rate with very low impact force on our joints.

In summary, the Versaclimber is a great way to train both hemispheres of our brain coordinating this simple elementary pattern.

It is also one of the best ways to train our creatine energy system, our lactic energy system, and our oxidative energy system.

VersaClimber 3This is a must have for your fitness training gym, athletic training facility, and personal training program.

Check them out at or come by Innovative Results–The Orange County Fitness Playground and use our three VersaClimbers and our two VersaPulleys.

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