Winston Experienced Results in Just 1 Week with Innovative Results

WinstonYu2Innovative Results is stoked on this next client highlight!

Why? Because this is a success story that is relatable for the majority of the folks that step foot on to Orange County’s Fitness Playground for the first time.

A huge thank you to Winston Yu for taking the time to share his experience and fitness results!

My brother and I joined Innovative Results because of a Groupon promotion and at the urging of a church friend. A group of us signed up together and after the first session, we were hooked! I am incredibly glad for this experience and it has literally changed my life. 


My brother and I are truly a testament to the efficacy of IR’s programPrior to joining IR, we’ve tried 24 Hr Fitness, LA Fitness, DVD programs, but nothing stuck! From each year’s New Year’s resolution to the next, I haven’t truly worked out for over 10 years. We have now attended for about 2 full months (everyday, 6 days a week!) This is well over the 3 days max I’ve consecutively worked out for prior.

IR provides an experience that neither a gym nor DVD program offers. The atmosphere is fun and energetic. The coaches are friendly, knowledgeable, encouraging, and pushes you just the right amount. The work out programs are well designed and vary enough so that you won’t get bored and you’re constantly challenged. This program, being a group class, is precisely why I feel more motivated to keep up. I don’t want to be the slowest or the weakest. Without peers, I would not be pushing myself. That said, it’s never a competition and you’re always encouraged to go at your own pace. I am definitely inspired to keep up with the EFFORT; not so much with the mass of weights, reps, or speed. The coaches focus on your form so that your work-out is of good quality, rather than sheer number of reps of poor form.


Both my brother and I have noticed differences in ourselves after the first week. I now have more energy, my mood has improved, even my complexion is better!After the first month, I now have family members telling me how my belly is already noticeably smaller.

What makes IR different is its family culture and it’s positive mental attitude. Now, both of us are into our third month and looking forward to continually improving ourselves. I cannot say enough good things about IR!

If you are like Winston, and the many others searching for a training program that will support and motivate you toward your fitness goals, give Innovative Results a try!

Fill out the form below, and one of our Innovative Results Team Members will set you up with a free trial session!

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