Benefits of Recovery, and How to Effectively Implement Meditation

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When is your next planned recovery day?

Your body needs to rebuild. To enhance performance, utilize rest days, and PLAN recovery days.

Recovery is not quite the same as a rest day.

As we allow our body to rest, we accept the action of non-doing and recuperate our nervous system to feel awake.
Recovery is implementing actions and techniques to maximize your body’s repair. This includes proper nutrition, hydration, stretching, self-myofascial release, ice and heat, stress management, intentional breathing, and many other methods that travel deeper than just muscular repair.

Recovery involves repairing the mindset to accept more positivity, diligence, and healing.

It allows one to communicate to their body and re-invigorate torn and fatigued muscle tissue.

Recovery is intentional and integrated effort that should seep into our daily lives to enhance longevity and durability.

* Eat nutrient dense meals to give yourself the proper amount of protein, carbohydrates, fats, and micronutrients that will aid in fueling your body for greater performance and faster recovery. A mindful diet will keep your energy clean, reduce feelings of sluggishness, and clear brain fog. Stay away from processed foods and toxins as much as possible.
* Drink enough water for your urine to be close to clear! Water helps all our internal functions. You will experience more energy, softer skin, and contribute to the well being of your internal organs.
* Stretching and mobility movements will communicate to your nervous system to expand passive and active range of motion in your body.
* Self-myofascial release are techniques and methods of using tools to help heal tissue, release tension, and regenerate elasticity in your muscles.
* Ice and Heat help calm down superficial tissues that are inflamed and release muscular stiffness. Ice baths and whole body ice therapy have lately been proven to be extremely beneficial to overall tissue vitality.
* Stress management is important to regulate our sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) response and attend to the parasympathetic (rest and digest) response during recovery days. Calm your mind, understand what thoughts are serving you no purpose, and develop more positive neuroplasticity training in your daily life.
* Breathing is both unconscious and conscious. Breathing practices have been used around the world as methods of regulating internal processes, strengthening the lungs, and promoting meditative states and concentration to calm the body.

Tune in to the recovery of your body, and to the recovery of your mind as well.

What image pops into your head when you hear the word meditation?

Is it an image of one individual sitting cross-legged on the ground, with their eyes closed?

Does that image deter you from scheduling the time for “meditation”?

What if, I told you there was a way for you to easily implement meditation into your daily life?
You see, meditation does not have any regulations other than one, to be entirely present in the moment at hand.

Meditation can be accomplished while standing, sitting, running, riding, dancing, and during any other physical stance.

Just breathe, and focus on your inhales and exhales.
Allow yourself to be saturated with the present moment and let the moments before hand and the predictions of the future journey into the ether where they belong.
Tune in, to the NOW.

For just a moment, allow all your stressors to be released, feelings of the past and future to leave, and only experience what is in front of you.

That is meditation, and without those restricted predicaments of when meditation is “supposed” to happen, you can now see the limitless possibilities of when to experience this deeper sensation of life.

It is when you choose to let your monkey mind be still, wherever you are.

The effects of meditation expand and spread through the rest of your life, especially in stages of recovery.

Experience the benefits of body and mind recovery immediately after you start implementing these practices into your daily life.

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  1. Donovan on April 24, 2019 at 3:15 pm

    Great read!. Simple things we don’t think about can do so much on our body! I’m going to start implementing ASAP!

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