IR Transformation Stories – Wes Stoner

When did you start training at Innovative Results?

I started training at Innovative Results in January of 2018. 

Why did you start training with Innovative Results?

I was looking for a “gym” that had the equipment I needed to train for an upcoming Spartan Race (20′ rope climb, monkey bars, etc). I figured I’d use their equipment for a month until the race and that would be the end of it. What I discovered was a fantastic group of coaches and trainers who really knew their stuff and a real feeling of community that everyone was there to work hard and improve themselves. I admit that I thought I was in really good shape when I started training at IR, I’ve been working out on my own and playing multiple sports for decades. What I soon found out is that there is much more to being in shape than strength and endurance. The coaches at IR are so focused on each person using proper technique and form, total body mobility and agility, and engaging the proper muscles with each drill or exercise. 

What have you improved since you started training with Innovative Results?

My overall fitness and especially my form and technique in the workouts, as well as my mobility and agility, have improved so much since I have been coming to IR. I have always struggled with my posture for a variety of reasons and I can honestly say that my posture and the way I am able to carry myself is the best it has ever been (thank you Aubrie for the extra attention to this). I look forward to each training session, they are the best part of my day, and I love that the the workouts are always changing.

What kept you coming back to Innovative Results?

I keep coming back to IR because of the great coaches, the challenging workouts that push me, the incredible people I workout with, the wonderful feeling of family and community there, and the fact that I have learned so much about myself. 

What advice do you have for someone who is just getting started with Innovative Results?

As for anyone who is just starting out at IR I would say try to come as often as you can, be consistent, and you will see results, feel incredible, and be motivated to take care of yourself in other areas of your life. 

Who would you want to experience what you get to experience at Innovative Results?

I want all of my friends and family to experience those same things. 

Why do you stay committed to your improvement in and out of the gym?

I am committed to improving myself in and out of the gym because I want to feel great and energized, be happy with the way I look, have a great, positive attitude, and strive for quality of life and longevity. I know that IR is, and will continue to be, a tremendous part of me continuing to accomplish those things in my life. I truly believe that I am now in the best shape that I have ever been in. Thank you IR, I love you guys!!!

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