Turn Your 6-Pack Into Reality With These 10 Ab Workouts

10 Ab Workouts For A 6-Pack

Summer is right around the corner and you know what that means? Bathing suit season. You should be proud of the work you’ve put into your ab workouts, but we get it–sometimes your abs need a little extra love. That’s why we’ve curated these top 10 ab workouts to burn and shape your abdominals. Keep…

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Why Your Favorite Music Playlists Get You “In The Zone”

Circuit Training: Why & How

We’ve all had the experience of “being in the zone” while you workout—blasting Today’s Top Hits on Spotify or another favorite workout playlist. Let’s be honest, is there any better way to workout? Everyone has their own methods of motivation, but for most, music plays a huge role in their fitness routine.

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Top 10 Places to Get Outside and Workout in Orange County, CA

Southern California is an amazing place to live and play.  With so many beaches, parks and trails, there is an endless supply of places to go and stay active.  So, if you are looking for an alternative to the gym or just something to do on the weekend, here are 10 of our favorite places…

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Voted #1 Orange County Gym “This is The Coolest Gym I’ve Ever Seen” Come See Why People Are Excited to Train at Innovative Results

  The Orange County Fitness Playground This Gym in Unlike Anything You Have Ever Seen! Innovative Results has clients from all over Orange County and Southern California.  People travel from over an hour away to train at this gym and keep coming back for more.  Our gym is conveniently located behind the John Wayne Airport,…

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