Why Your Favorite Music Playlists Get You “In The Zone”

We’ve all had the experience of “being in the zone” while you workout—blasting Today’s Top Hits on Spotify or another favorite workout playlist. Let’s be honest, is there any better way to workout? Everyone has their own methods of motivation, but for most, music plays a huge role in their fitness routine.

But what’s really behind your groovy beats? Well, from your head down to your toes, your whole body feels the good vibes. Spoiler alert: music is good for you! Groundbreaking, we know.

Benefits of listening to music and working out

The Benefits of Music & Working Out

It should come to no surprise there are a multitude of benefits of listening to music during your fitness routine. At some point you’ve experienced at least one of the following:

  • Elevated mood
  • Longer workouts
  • More energy
  • Greater motivation
  • Feeling more connected
  • And the list goes on!

There’s no denying when you listen to a song or playlist it can have a profound effect on your overall perception of the world and yourself. Even more so, certain workout songs connect not just your mental being, but physical being for an overall more optimal performance.

The Physicality Of Music & Fitness

In fact, in 2007 USA Track & Field banned athletes from using portable music devices during the Marine Corps Marathon, to prevent athletes from gaining a “competitive edge”. Hold the eye roll.
Music impacts your brain, in good ways! Those groovy tunes you love so much actually excite your motor cortex (the part of your brain that controls your movements). So when you start to see your shoulder popping to the beat of Beyoncé, it’s your brain telling you, “Hi, Brain here. I like this music!”

Favorite Music Playlists

How exactly do you make the connection between your mental and physical self? Music reduces perceived effort and potentially promotes metabolic efficiency, leading to a more optimized workout. You see, while you’re working out “in the zone” your mind is distracted preventing you from feeling any sort of pain or fatigue.

Some Tips For Your Next Fitness Jam Session

But there are a few things to watch out for when you’re moving and grooving. It’s recommended to keep tunes between 120 and 140 beats per minute (bpm). Though depending on the exercise or fitness routine you may benefit from songs with a higher bpm. Cyclists, for instance, have been found to work harder with faster music.

Need an easy way to figure out what songs to listen to? Try to choose songs that mirror your heart rate. Everyone has a different style of workout that maintains various heart rates which means not every playlist will fit.
People doing more aerobic based workouts probably tend to gravitate towards faster songs, whereas slower, more controlled workouts may lean towards moderate paced songs. Take it from someone who spends the first 10 minutes of her workout trying to find the “perfect playlist”.

Your Soon-To-Be Favorite Workout Playlists

So, whether your weight lifting, pushing for that 1 rep max, sprinting your way to the finish line, or maybe you need a little extra “oomph” to get you up and movin’, put on your favorite tunes. You may find yourself spending a little extra time in the gym or finishing your workout ready to conquer the world.

Looking for the next best playlist for your workout, or to get started on your fitness journey? We’re totally not biased but we’ve collected a few of our coach’s favorites below!

Click here for one of, Innovative Results Coach, Joaquin Hernandez favorite Spotify playlists!

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