Kinstretch Makes It’s Return: Join Us Online or In-Person

What is Kinstretch?

Kinstretch is a movement enhanced training system that develops maximum body control, flexibility, and usability. The goal of this training system is to improve your movement capabilities and decreasing the risk of injury, in teaching you how to monitor your body.

Rather than speed through this workout, it’s focused on slowing down and using your breath, allowing you to identify movement patterns of the muscular system.

In time you will become more aware of your individual joints. Think about it this way: can you lift your knee without shifting your pelvis? Or, can you lift your arm above your head without your shoulder coming up? These are just some of the movements you focus on gaining a greater awareness of motion.

Kinstretch Training System

The Path Of Least Resistance

You see, our bodies have trained themselves to become more efficient with the way we move—that means taking shortcuts, also known as habits! These habits are essentially the body’s “path of least resistance”. But, as we all know the story of the Rabbit and Tortoise, the fastest way isn’t always the best way.

At Innovative Results, we’re putting a greater emphasis on movement as medicine for your body. With the Kinstretch you’re learning how to retrain your body to stop taking short cuts, improve range of motion, become more self-aware, and decrease the risk of injury.

Kinstretch Training At Innovative Results – Virtual Classes

In signing up for this class, you are committing to becoming a student willing to learn in order to create body control, improve joint health, increase range of motion, physical longevity, and injury prevention.

  • Each 1-hour class will be capped at 10 individuals to maintain an individualized and intimate progression of Kinstretch. (15 for virtual)
  • Reserve your spot in advance – IR3 Class Calendar

Virtual Kinstretch – Tuesday & Friday at 3:30 PM & 5:00 PM

In-Person Kinstretch Class – Tuesday & Friday at 5:00 PM

Single Session Cost: $25 (non-member), $0 IR Client

*SPECIAL OFFER* – Buy 3 Kinstretch Classes for only $25!!

Reserve Your Spot Today!

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